Loop is a complete DNS software implementation. It includes an authoritative nameserver, resolver, and various DNS and DNSSEC utilities.

  1. Features
  2. Installation
  3. Documentation
  4. Support


Loop packages are currently available for the following platforms:

Packages for FreeBSD, Debian, and Ubuntu will be added in the future.


Please see the Loop User Manual for installation instructions for your platform.


The Loop User Manual (PDF) is the main documentation for Loop.

The Loop User Manual and manpages for the various programs in the Loop distribution are also installed when you install the Loop package on your system.


Akira will soon offer commercial support subscriptions for Loop. If you are interested in receiving commercial support, please contact us at support@akira.org.

Users may subscribe to the following mailing lists:

To report a bug in Loop, email loop-bugs@akira.org. Please don't send mails asking support questions to this address.